Father Bisenty Abdel-Messih Gerges

Abouna Bisenty
Date of Birth: November 29, 1951
Ordination Date: December 14, 1986

Father Bisenty earned a Bachelor degree in Medicine (MB ChB) from Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt in 1975, Abouna also earned a Masters degree in Orthopedics Surgery from Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt. Father Bisenty has been serving in the St. George Coptic Church in the greater Vancouver area (the lower mainland) since March 8th, 1995. Other Churches served by Father Bisenty:

  • St. George Coptic Church – Sidi Beshr, Alexandria, Egypt
  • St. Mary Coptic Church – Ottawa, ON, Canada
  • St. Anthony Coptic Church – Harare, Zimbabwe
  • St. Mark Coptic Church – Nairobi, Kenya
  • St. Mina Coptic Church – Manchester, England

Father Bisenty’s contact information:

Phone (604) 930-0534
Fax: (604) 930-0539