Church Expansion Overview

Gym Improvement

The Church has recently completed a project to modernize its gym. The total cost of the project was less than $40,000 most of which was raised by internal donations from the congregation.

The scope of the project included:
  • Supply and installation of a new multipurpose floor suitable for sports as well as dining functions
  • Professionally painted lines on the new floor for volleyball, basketball and badminton
  • Newly cored holes in the floor to accommodate badminton and volleyball equipment
  • Supply of new badminton and volleyball equipment
  • New paint job on all three walls of the gym
  • A sport specific curtain to divide the gym in two sections allowing children to play sports in one section while others are dining in the other section

The intent of this project is to provide our congregation, primarily our children, with a proper gym that they can safely use and enjoy for years to come. The project will also provide the Church with a means to generate revenue from external parties looking to rent the gym for either sports or dining functions. This will create a new source of revenue which the Church is desperately in need of.

We thank you for your support and generous donations.